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Naughty Teen Schoolgirls With Pink Panties Peeing Outdoor

2009 June 7
We all know those schoolgirls with those pink cotton panties. They love to wear those panties and it makes them feel a little bit cute and innocent. At the same time those girls are in a period of their life, that makes them everything but innocent. They get sexually active and more than that. They get all naughty and kinky. They also develop this bisexual playing and teasing. A lot of them never get to it, but they do share a lot of sexual things with their friends. So when all walking in the park, they get to this conversation of their panties. as they are wearing short skirts it is not so hard to show their panties to each other. It seems two of the girls are wearing the same pink pokemon panties. This result in lots of laughing. Soon one of them gets a little kinky and suggests that one of the pink panties should get soaked with pee. This unusual proposition doesn’t even really shock the girls. they are all feeling a bit naughty, here in the woods, among friends.So this one girl decides to show she is no pussy and lifts up her skirt to give this hot show. she pees in her pink panties and slowly the pink soft cotton gets all soaked and drenched with warm pee.
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