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Public wet pants

2015 June 30
by Peeing in panties
Confused girl pisses in her undies in public

Sexy Housewife Pees In Her Cotton Panties

2015 June 25
by Peeing in panties
This sexy long haired housewife had a dirty dream for quite some time now. Every time she had this dream it was about peeing in her panties and feeling the warm dirty piss all in her undies. Whenever she had this dream she woke up and her pussy was all soaked and juicy. She felt horny all the time thinking about this panty wetting but she just thought it was to strange to do. Time passes and she kept having this dream. She masturbated many many times thinking about herself peeing in her panties and one day, when her husband was at work, she decided to just do it. She got all nervous and horny at the same time. She was wearing nice cotton panties that morning so everything was perfect for her fantasy. She headed to the bathroom and decided the safest way to do this was in the bath tub. This way the chance of getting caught was minimal as all her piss would drip in the bath tub and not on the floor or her bed. Sitting their and feeling the cold bath tub on her pussy and ass made really gave her the feeling she had to piss after some minutes. She had the natural urge to pull down her panties when she felt it coming but she just didn’t. She spread her legs and slowly the warm piss started to come. It was all yellow as it was the first time she peed that day. Never she could have dreamed of such a sexy sensation. She felt her panties all getting soaked and it even warmed and wetted her clit. After a minute or so her whole pussy was soaked and warm. She felt her pubic hair and it was soaked and warm. Her clit was feeling like she was about to have an orgasm the whole time, so when she slit her hand in her piss soaked panties and started to rub her pussy, it didn’t take her long before she had her first orgasm. She just continued masturbating and even peed a little while touching herself.

Piss-wet white jeans

2015 June 22
by Peeing in panties
girl soaks her white trousers with piss

Hot Housewife Peeing In The Local Bar

2015 June 17
by Peeing in panties
This blonde busty next door housewife has has some beers and is just desperate to piss. She always had this perverse fantasy about peeing in her panties. so when the bar is almost empty and she feels a bit relaxed, she decides to just let it all go and soaked her panties. It makes her feel all naughty and she now really understands that peeing in panties and wetting those cotton panties is extreme kinky. She feels the warm piss all in her panties and her pussy gets all soaked and warm. When she slowly takes of her panties the piss is still dripping from her pussy. If any sexy stud was around now she would have grabbed him and let him lick out her piss soaked pussy till she came.

Pissing misfortune

2015 June 14
by Peeing in panties
Callipygian girl pulls down her piss-soppy trousers to ventilate her pussy