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Hot Blonde Teen Pees As She Is A Sleep And Wets Her Bed

2015 January 29
by Peeing in panties
Bed wetting is usually something from your youth. An unwanted issue that we do not like to talk about. The thing is some of us actually loved the feeling, even though we were told it was a bad thing and it should stop as we grew older. We can call it a taboo for sure. But I know quite a few people still do it, and a small part of them really love it. Both male as female bed wetting is a loved fetish. Some people only love to watch and some love to do it actually.The blonde girl in the movies is not really in to bed wetting. She is just sleeping. I think it was the tea she had the other night that filled her bladder to the max. So as the morning is almost there she really needs to piss. The thing is that she is really in a deep sleep and doesn’t realize she has to take a leak. Slowly it happens… you can see her undies getting drenched. She starts to turn around and gets a little uncomfortable. Then she seems to realize what is happening. The warm piss is rapidly wetting her undies and even her bed is completely soaked with fresh piss. She gets up but it is all to late….

Squatted and pissed

2015 January 24
by Peeing in panties
Street girl widdles right in the undies

Pink Small Panties Showing Camel Toe

2015 January 20
by Peeing in panties
Look how tanned this sexy chick is. She has real good looking body and her round ass makes all hearts go faster. This girl loves to get kinky and play little pervert games.One of those games she loves to play is wetting her panties after peeing desperation.

Street pants wetting

2015 January 16
by Peeing in panties
Confounding public panties wetting experience of a pretty shameless girl

Blonde Housewife Wetting Her Tight Jeans And White Cotton Panties After Peeing Desperation

2015 January 13
by Peeing in panties
She really needs to piss, and while looking at her I could almost feel the desperation, the need to piss, the extreme urge. She knows she is not gonna keep those panties dry. Not today. So when letting it all go and wetting and soaking her panties and trousers she slowly feels some relieve.Wow, this panties wetting sure did make her feel confused. Somehow it made her feel bad and dirty, but secretly she must admit it did not only make her feel bad, but also naughty and drenched. drenched in a more juicy way than only soaked ;-)Watch her touching her soft shaved pussy and rubbing those warm piss soaked lips….