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Naughty Blonde Wetting Her Tight Jeans And Silk Panties

2014 August 31
by Peeing in panties
This girl is one of a kind. She is just the best. Never before I met such a cute adorable sweetie. And above all that, this girl is kinky. Kinky in a way most men do not dream of. This girl will do those things you are never gonna ask…. Why…. Because it’s naughty…. real naughty…So forget about that shame and shy twisting and turning around the topic. Just look at this blonde and tell her you get a hard on watching her wetting her panties. Just like that. No more and no less. Admit it… it is all about those soaked panties right ? You pervert. Yeah, I know, it takes one to know one…… ;-)

Wet outdoor jeans

2014 August 27
by Peeing in panties
Piss-soppy gray trousers of a street bunny

Wet Pee Soaked See Through Panties

2014 August 22
by Peeing in panties
This blonde girl shows us some sweet upskirt peeing and panties wetting. she loves the teasing and the playing with the camera. As you can see her white cotton panties get all soaked and after this warm piss relieve she just needs to touch herself. While lifting her skirt she slowly starts rubbing her panties and her pussy is getting wetter and wetter.

Pee fail after beer

2014 August 19
by Peeing in panties
Blond pissed in her breeches in public

Blonde Girls Wets Her Bed As She Has This Dream About Peeing

2014 August 15
by Peeing in panties
While laying in her bed a blonde teen chick has this dream about peeing. We all know these dreams. Most of the time it is because one actually has to piss. Usually you’ll wake up and run to the toilet. This morning things are slightly different. you must understand this sexy blonde has always been a wild one and she just loves touching her own pink pussy. Especially in the morning she loves to masturbate. No better way to start a day right? So as she has this dream and feels her pussy and her bladder, she slowly reaches for her panties and starts rubbing her clit underneath. While still sleeping she all gets soaked and horny and the pressure slowly grows. What she doesn’t realize yet is that she should really have ran to the toilet, as her bladder is about to explode. Still half sleeping, while getting more horny every second, it happens. Slowly her brown panties get soaked with her warm piss. She still doesn’t realize it and continues to masturbate. Then, all of a sudden she wakes up and feels her panties. She notices that this is unusual warm and soaked for her regular masturbating sessions in the morning. It only takes her some more seconds to realize she is wetting her panties and then it happens. Instead of running to the toilet she continues to masturbate and piss at the same time. She gets up and watches the warm piss soak her panties.