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Huge ugly pee blotch

2014 October 20
by Peeing in panties
Piss-soaked trousers of an public bitchie

Classy Dressed Lady In Peeing Desperation

2014 October 16
by Peeing in panties
Now look at these fine dressed pretty girls standing outside of the house of one of them. The girl who lives there can’t find her key so they can’t get in! The girl in red really has the urge to piss and squats down to the floor, telling her girlfriend that’s she urgently needs to get in. But her girlfriend thinks she forgot the key so they can’t. After a while the girl in red stands up en poses right in front of the door. That’s where she lifts up her skirt and starts peeing right trough her white panties. How about that?

Leggings and urine

2014 October 11
by Peeing in panties
Ablush brunette in white piss-sodden leggings walking in the street

Naughty Teen Peeing In Her Bleue Cotton Panties

2014 October 8
by Peeing in panties
Watch this UK teen chick as she just can not hold her piss any longer. She has had this before amd she knows it is gonna happen soon. Sometimes she just can’t make it to the toilet. The first time it happened was when she was a young girl. at that age it was somehow allowd to piss in your panties now and then.Later most of the girls stopped wetting their panties and she seemed to be the only one who kept doing it. Her parents told her that it wasn’t normal and she should go to the toilet the minute she felt the need to piss. So it happened and every time she needed to piss she went to the toilet. All go one would think.When she became 18 or 19 she started to have these memories and dreams about her panties wetting. It became an obsession and she even noticed she was all horny in the middle of the night when she woke up after having such a “peeing dream”. So this peeing this kept driving her crazy and one day she decide it had to be done. She was standing in her apartment and when she felt the need to go to the toilet she just stood where she was and let it all go. her trousers and cotton panties were all soaked and her pussy felt so warm.This felt so naughty, so bad and so good .

Sexpot peed herself

2014 October 4
by Peeing in panties
Buxom bitch pissed herself on the road